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About AMS – Auto Mail Sender.eu (the „Project“)

1. Preamble

The project was created as a support for all those who want to use different marketing tools to promote e-commerce, sales, services or information. Our project offers a solution to all those who for some reasons do not want or can not afford to buy expensive products for this promotion.

2. Second The project has several basic components

  •     Teaching basics of email marketing communications („teaching“)
  •     Sales and operating instruction automatic email communications (hereinafter „autoresponder“)
  •     writing and pasting articles focusing on the promotion of services and products (the „Article“).

3. The project can involve everyone who becomes a member of this project. Membership has several levels

  • Free member is free and registration is needed – get extended information, or products and services available only to members
  • Editor-member costs $ 9.99 per month and need registration – receive information and as a member of the Free and the possibility to enter cells.

4. Conditions for entering articles

  •     Articles can be loaded with a range of approximately 500 to 1800 characters and a maximum of two links.
  •     We reserve the article editorially meaningful cut. If you do not agree with it, please let us note.
  •      The contributions can publish your photos, but we respect your privacy, so if you request it, your face will be altered so as to meet these conditions, you invalidate the source material.
  •     Users undertake paste texts and links that do not harm a third party, are not contrary to good morals, sexual content and do not violate generally applicable laws. In the case of disclosure of the disputed posts users are committed to disclose the contents of the counterparty, which must meet the requirements for publication.
  •     We reserve the right not to publish the story without giving any reason.
  •     Repeated communication, stories or other texts will not be published or will in the event of duplicate editor deleted.

5. Users agree to sending commercial messages to the email address provided during registration. Further, you agree that operator to receive information by e-mail, advertising and marketing messages, etc.

6. Any repeated violation of our site will be published on the internal „blacklist“.

7.  By registering you agree to www.automailsender.eu operators for processing all your personal information that you communicate to register in accordance with generally applicable laws.
Version conditions from January 28, 2013

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